5.0 out of 5 stars Lovely music. As a child, she listened to radio broadcasts of singers including Frank Sinatra, Ella Fitzgerald, Billie Holiday, and Édith Piaf. Mouskouri's first U.N. mission took her to Bosnia to draw attention to the plight of children affected by the Bosnian war. [8] "Only Love", a song recorded in 1985 as the theme song of TV series Mistral's Daughter, gained worldwide popularity along with its other versions in French (as "L'Amour en Héritage"), Italian (as "Come un'eredità"), Spanish (as "La dicha del amor"), and German (as "Aber die Liebe bleibt"). In the same year, she announced her plans to retire. It was well received in Canada, and one of the album's tracks, "Even Now" (not the same song as the 1978 Barry Manilow hit), became a staple on beautiful music radio stations in the United States. By the end of 1987, she had performed a series of concerts in Asia, including South Korea, Taiwan, Singapore, Hong Kong, Malaysia and Thailand. BBC Two England, 21 June 1969 22.00. Report abuse. Several reasons have been given for the resignation, one being her pacifism, and another being that she felt ill-equipped for the day-to-day work of a politician.[26]. Meanwhile, during the 1970s and 1980s, she expanded her concert tour to include her new fans, not only in the United Kingdom, but also in Ireland, New Zealand, Japan and Australia, where she met Frank Hardy, who followed her to the south of France in 1976. Add to Cart. It's frightening. [17] They eventually married on January 13, 2003, and live primarily in Switzerland. International Nana Mouskouri Fanclub. They had two children (Nicolas Petsilas in 1968 and Hélène (Lénou) Petsilas (singer) in 1970) but divorced when Mouskouri was 39. Although the song achieved only eighth place in the contest, it achieved commercial success, and helped win her the prestigious Grand Prix du Disque in France. In 2004, her French record company released a 34-CD box set of more than 600 of Mouskouri's mostly French songs. 1 $ 3.49 BLACK FRIDAY. Her father became part of the anti-Nazi resistance movement in Athens. Following that she scored another hit in the United Kingdom with the song "My Colouring Book" (later included in her 1973 album Songs from her TV series). She was a Member of the European Parliament through the New Democracy party from 1994 until 1999, when she resigned from her position as an MEP. By 1958 while still performing at the Zaki, she met Greek composer Manos Hadjidakis. Reviewed in the United Kingdom on January 28, 2012. If you are unsure how best to edit this programme please take a moment to read it. [11][12], In 2015 she was awarded the Echo Music Prize for Outstanding achievements by the German music association Deutsche Phono-Akademie.[13]. In 2006 she made a guest appearance at that year's Eurovision Song Contest which was held, for the first time ever, in her native Greece. Mouskouri subsequently left the Conservatoire and began performing at the Zaki club in Athens. Always a prolific recording artist, the 1970s saw Mouskouri record several LPs in German, including the hit albums, Sieben schwarze Rosen (1975) and Lieder, die die Liebe schreibt (1978). She scored a worldwide hit in 1981 with "Je chante avec toi Liberté", which was translated into several languages after its success in France. The song was also a hit in its other versions: L'Amour en Héritage (French), Come un'eredità (Italian), La dicha del amor (Spanish), and Aber die Liebe bleibt (German). - Nana Mouskouri", "Nana Mouskouri wird mit dem ECHO für ihr Lebenswerk ausgezeichnet - Echo 2015", "Näosaade Sel Aastal Äärmiselt Tassavägine! Mouskouri's international appeal encouraged the BBC to sell her programmes to television stations across the world, a fact which she acknowledged in a BBC interview in 2014: Mouskouri also hosted her own shows for French and West German broadcasters during this period. [33], Note: Entries scored out are when Luxembourg did not compete. Despite the fact that stars from mainland Europe singing in languages other than English have tended to find it difficult to break into the British market, the series proved very popular with viewers of the new BBC-2 channel, and it ran until the mid-1970s. In 2010, in response to the financial crisis in Greece,[27] Mouskouri announced that she would forgo her pension to contribute to the country's recovery. However, when Mouskouri's Conservatory professor found out about Mouskouri's involvement with a genre of music that was not in keeping with her classical studies, he prevented her from sitting for her end-of-year exams. Nobody wants their country to be treated badly. In 1969, Mouskouri released a full-length British LP, Over and over, which reached number 10 and spent almost two years in the UK album charts. Bestellen / Order : Portofrei innerhalb Deutschlands. nana mouskouri. Yvonne Littlewood speaking on "Legends: Nana Mouskouri" (BBC, 2008; Nana Mouskouri speaking on "BBC Breakfast" (BBC-1, 8th Sept 2014; (in French, English, Spanish, and German), Je chante avec toi Liberté / Song for Liberty, "Nana Mouskouri | Album Discography | AllMusic", "Data: Nana Mouskouri / Je Chante Avec Toi Liberté", "Data: Nana Mouskouri / Song for Liberty", "Data: Nana Mouskouri / Ich hab gelacht ich hab geweint - CD 2", "NANA MOUSKOURI | full Official Chart History | Official Charts Company", "Messengers of Peace- Biographies page 2", "Nana MOUSKOURI | History of parliamentary service | MEPs | European Parliament", "Nana Mouskouri wird mit dem ECHO für ihr Lebenswerk ausgezeichnet | Echo 2015", "There is a sense of revolt. The song was included in Wood's television special of that year, Victoria Wood: Sold Out. In 1961, Mouskouri performed the soundtrack of a German documentary about Greece. Chris from Hampshire. Teen Scene: Gems from the Fontana Vaults (3-CD) $ 10.98 BLACK FRIDAY. Add to Cart. In France, she continued a series of top-selling records, such as Comme un soleil (1971), Une voix qui vient du cœur (1972), Vieilles chansons de France (1973), and Quand tu chantes (1976). Following several successful guest appearances on British TV after her Eurovision performance, the BBC then invited Mouskouri and her backing group, the Athenians, to start hosting a TV series called Presenting… Nana Mouskouri from 1968 onwards. The momentum from this album also helped boost her following German album, Meine Lieder sind mein Leben. Mouskouri has said that a medical examination revealed she only has one functioning vocal cord[14] and this could well account for her remarkable singing voice (in her younger years ranging from a husky, dark alto, which she later dropped, to a ringing coloratura mezzo), as opposed to her breathy, raspy speaking voice.[15]. On September 15, 1965, Mouskouri appeared for the first time on American television with Harry Belafonte on the Danny Kaye Show. Nana Mouskouri takes the stage at Grey Eagle Resort and Casino on May 5. This album featured many of her French songs, "Au cœur de septembre", "Adieu Angélina", "Robe bleue, robe blanche" and the French pop classic "Le Temps des cerises". [17] Not long after that, she started a relationship with her record producer André Chapelle[citation needed], but they did not marry then because she "didn't want to bring another father into the family" and divorce was against her conservative upbringing. After eight years at the Conservatoire, Mouskouri was encouraged by her friends to experiment with jazz music. Belafonte brought Mouskouri on tour with him through 1966. In 1985, Mouskouri recorded "Only Love", the theme song to the British TV series Mistral's Daughter – based upon the novel by Judith Krantz – which reached number 2 in the UK charts. During this tour, Belafonte suggested that Mouskouri remove her signature black-rimmed glasses when on stage. Her popularity as a multilingual television personality and distinctive image, owing to the then unusual signature black-rimmed glasses, turned Mouskouri into an international star. Mouskouri's family sent her and her older sister Eugenía (Jenny) to the Athens Conservatoire. [1], Mouskouri became well-known throughout Europe for the song "The White Rose of Athens", recorded first in German as "Weiße Rosen aus Athen" as an adaptation of her Greek song "Σαν σφυρίξεις τρείς φορές" (San sfyríxeis tris forés, "When you whistle three times"). On July 23 and 24, 2008, Mouskouri gave her two final 'Farewell Concert' performances at the ancient Herodes Atticus Theatre, in Athens, Greece, before a packed stadium, including Greece's Prime Minister and Athens mayor, plus the mayors of Berlin, Paris and Luxembourg, along with fans from around the world and thousands of her Athenian admirers. Mouskouri lives in Switzerland with Chapelle, and, until her final performance in 2008, performed hundreds of concerts every year throughout her career. In 1965, she recorded her second English-language album to be released in the United States, entitled Nana Sings. She began singing jazz in nightclubs with a bias towards Ella Fitzgerald repertoire. In 1997, she staged a high-profile Concert for Peace at the Cathedral of St. John the Divine in New York. Deutsch English . Samstag bei Carmen Nebel im ZDF: Live-Duett mit ihrer Tochter? Nana Mouskouri Songs Download- Listen to Nana Mouskouri songs MP3 free online. In 1993, Mouskouri recorded the album Hollywood. Although Mouskouri had displayed exceptional musical talent from age six, Jenny initially appeared to be the more gifted sibling. The Romance of Nana Mouskouri $ 6.37 BLACK FRIDAY. "Je chante avec toi Liberté", recorded in 1981, is perhaps her biggest hit to date, performed in at least five languages[3] – French,[4] English as "Song for Liberty",[5] German as "Lied der Freiheit",[6] Spanish as "Libertad"[7] and Portuguese as "Liberdade". This resulted in the German-language single Weiße Rosen aus Athen ("White Roses from Athens"). In late November 2011 Mouskouri sang again at a single concert, with guests, in Berlin, commemorating the 50th anniversary of her hit single "The White Rose of Athens". Read more. She then did a concert tour in Germany in 2012. When Mouskouri was three, her family moved to Athens. Karl Pilkington included Mouskouri as a clue in his contest 'Rockbusters', part of the radio show The Ricky Gervais Show on XFM. Wenn Du Dich im Rahmen des Social Connects anmeldest, erhalten wir Deine Daten vom jeweiligen Social Connect Partner. Play Nana Mouskouri hit new songs and download Nana Mouskouri MP3 songs and music album online on … Mehr Informationen unter, Fantastischer Erfolg für Universal Music Künstler beim ECHO 2015, Nana Mouskouri wünscht sich Spenden statt Blumen. In 1984, Mouskouri returned to Greece and performed to a large audience at the Odeon of Herodes Atticus; her first performance in her homeland since 1962. Nana Mouskouri mit 17 Titeln, die bisher nicht auf CD erschienen sind! Over the span of her career, she has released over 200 albums in at least twelve different languages, including Greek, French, English, German, Dutch, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish, Hebrew, Welsh, Mandarin Chinese and Corsican. She began singing with her friends' jazz group at night. Mouskouri's 1991 English album, Only Love: The Best of Nana Mouskouri, became her best-selling release in the United States. The song was a major success in Spain, Argentina and Chile. This concert was later released as an album, and aired as a TV special on PBS in the United States. Her friendship with the composer Michel Legrand led to the recording by Mouskouri of the theme song of the Oscar-nominated film The Umbrellas of Cherbourg. Meanwhile, Passport, a compilation including her most popular songs in English, reached number 3 in the UK album charts in 1976 and won for her a gold disc.[21]. In 1960, Mouskouri moved to Paris. Financially unable to support both girls' studies, the parents asked their tutor which one should continue. They teamed for a duo album entitled An Evening With Belafonte/Mouskouri. In 1950, she was accepted at the Conservatoire. [32], Andrea Martin played Mouskouri in a sketch, 'The Nana Mouskouri Story', during the 1981–1982 season of SCTV (later included in a DVD compilation.). It became her first record to sell over one million copies.[2]. [28] At age 80, she embarked on a three-year Happy Birthday Tour[29] and in 2018 had booked a five-month Forever Young Tour through parts of Europe and North America. Hot. Verified Purchase "Passport" is another great collection of music from Nana Mouskouri. It's frustrating and very sad. Mouskouri soon attracted the attention of French composer Michel Legrand, who composed two songs which became major French hits for her: "Les Parapluies de Cherbourg" (1964) and an arrangement of Katherine K. Davis's "Carol of the Drum", "L'Enfant au Tambour" (1965). It became her only UK hit single when it reached number two in February 1986. [21] This was the first of a series of English-language albums which, boosted by her TV appearances, sold extremely well in the UK and Ireland, as well as in other European countries, during the early 1970s, including The exquisite Nana Mouskouri (1969), Turn on the sun (1970), A place in my heart (1971) and Presenting... Nana Mouskouri (1973), while concerts from two of her British tours were also recorded and released as LPs: British Concert (1972) and Live at the Albert Hall (1974). In 1976, Ronnie Barker performed a song in drag as a parody of Mouskouri in The Two Ronnies as Nana Moussaka. [30], In 2015 she was awarded with the Echo Music Prize for Outstanding achievements by the German music association Deutsche Phono-Akademie. And people are aggressive about it. Mouskouri performed Kostas Yannidis' composition, "Ξύπνα αγάπη μου" (Xýpna agápi mou, "Wake up, my love"), at the Mediterranean Song Festival, held in Barcelona that year. While on the show Mouskouri performed "Telalima" followed by "Όπα νινα ναϊ" (Opa nina nai) accompanied by Harry Belafonte and Danny Kaye. Vinyl, Bücher und alles ab 20 Euro. Info CD. [9][10], Mouskouri became a spokesperson for UNICEF in 1993 and was elected to the European Parliament as a Greek deputy from 1994 to 1999. Nana Mouskouri can sing so many genres of music and adjust her voice to suit. Mouskouri was appointed a UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador in October 1993. Nana Mouskouri's family lived in Chania, Crete, where her father, Constantine, worked as a film projectionist in a local cinema; her mother, Alice, worked in the same cinema as an usherette. Du kannst Deine Einwilligung jederzeit widerrufen. Nana Mouskouri. As her fame began spreading outside her fanbase in Europe, the USA and the Commonwealth, Mouskouri was asked to record songs for the Japanese market. Tickets go on sale Friday, October 20 at 10am, starting at $59. Mit Deiner Anmeldung bestätigst Du, unsere All New In Music Newsletter zu abonnieren. The song was originally adapted by Hadjidakis from a folk melody. The song won first prize, and she went on to sign a recording contract with Paris-based Philips-Fontana. In 1957, she recorded her first song, "Fascination", in both Greek and English for Odeon/EMI Greece. Mouskouri made her first appearance at Paris' legendary Olympia concert theatre the same year, singing French pop, Greek folk, and Hadjidakis numbers. The German version was also recorded with an alternate set of lyrics under the title Der wilde Wein but was withdrawn in favour of Aber die Liebe bleibt. Finally, Belafonte relented and respected her wish to perform while wearing glasses.[19]. From 1968 to 1976, she hosted her own TV show produced by BBC, Presenting Nana Mouskouri. That same year, Mouskouri made a play for the Spanish-language market with the hit single Con Toda el Alma.

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